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Lightweight mini crossbody shoulder phone bag - 50% Christmas discount

Lightweight mini crossbody shoulder phone bag - 50% Christmas discount

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A cell phone bag for all seasons that goes straight into your closet

  • Small, flat grained cowhide leather has a soft, high-quality feel.
  • 45 degree angle installed hardware buckle seems no longer "rules" gently by a little rebellion.
  • Rounded saddlebag shape without a sense of restraint with a high degree of tolerance.
  • There is style and content is not ostentatious not shy of the scene can cope with any formal or casual occasions.
  • Practical and versatile attributes for the baby's closet to add more with the surprise.
  • This bag seems to be telling itself that not every day is beautiful, but every day there is always a little beauty in waiting for you to see everything gently, properly.


Bequemes und zartes Rindsleder.
Leichte Maserung fühlt sich bequem und zart, glatt und hart an.



Material: Nappa leather
Lining: thick twill
Size: length 15cm, width 7cm, height 18cm
Shoulder strap: one
Structure: main compartment, inner patch pocket, hidden zipper pocket
Capacity: phone, cosmetics, wallet.
Color: black, white, red, pink, green, yellow, blue, orange, grey

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