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Root Touch-Up Powder Stick

Root Touch-Up Powder Stick

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Restore the appearance of thinning hairlines with our Root Touch-Up Powder Stick. Specifically designed to address sparse areas and receding hairlines, our innovative formula instantly fills in gaps, giving you the illusion of fuller, thicker hair.

Why you'll love it

Fuller-Looking Hairlines: Our Root Touch-Up Powder Stick is a game-changer for those experiencing thinning hairlines. The powder stick's precise application allows you to target and fill in sparse areas, creating the appearance of thicker hair and a more defined hairline.

Seamless Application: The precision tip of our powder stick allows for easy and seamless application. Whether you're touching up roots or sculpting your brows, the smooth and blendable formula effortlessly glides on, giving you precise control over your desired look.

Natural-Looking Results: Say goodbye to telltale signs of hair products. Our powder stick blends seamlessly with your natural hair color, providing a natural-looking finish. The lightweight formula ensures that your hair feels and looks natural, without any clumps or heaviness.

Long-Lasting & Sweat-Resistant: Our formula is designed to withstand daily activities, including sweat and humidity. Once applied, the powder adheres to your hair, providing long-lasting coverage that won't fade or smudge. Feel confident and worry-free throughout the day.


  • Net Weight: 1.2g /0.4 Oz
  • Shelf Life:3 Years
  • Color: Black / Medium Brown / Dark Brown
  • Package Includes: 2/4 PCS Root Touch-Up Powder Sticks


For external use only. This product is intended for use on hair only. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, and other sensitive areas. If contact occurs, rinse thoroughly with water.

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