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🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Handheld Metal Detector

🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Handheld Metal Detector

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Take Your Handheld Metal Detector & Find Your Treasure NOW


1.Turn on the detector and send out a "beep" to indicate that the detector has started to work. (if the buzzer hisses or the alarm light remains on, it indicates that the battery needs to be replaced).

2. A beep indicates that there is metal during scanning.

3. To detect underground objects, it is recommended that the detector head be parallel to the ground.

Wide Applications

This is metal detector with high detection sensitivity. Same applies to detect small targets quickly and accurately, for example outdoors, sand, lawn, soil to find metals. It can also detect various metal objects, such as coins, gold, silver, relics, jewelry, etc.

Detective High Sensitivity

Handheld metal detector can detect ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The sensitivity is adjustable. It can also locate metal objects in camouflaged hiding places, such as airport secure checking, people, carry on luggage, mail and parcel consignments, walls, panels, hollow spaces, and floors.


  • Simple operation, exquisite design, easy storage, low failure rate
  • Built-in intelligent induction coil detects metal objects instantly and accurately and automatically adjusts detection distance based on various objects
  • Equipped with 2 alarms with red LED indicator and buzzer alarm
  • 180° foldable head allows flexible use in different occasions to meet different needs
  • Handheld design, easy operation can be used for public security such as airports, railway stations, docks, prison and customs
  • Intelligent power saving technology, can be used for a long time on a single charge
  • NOTE: There is no battery included in the package. You have to set it with a 9V battery.


  • Material: ABS
  • Weight:0.5lbs


1* Handheld Metal Detector


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