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✨Best seller -Kettle Citric Acid Descaling Cleaner✨

✨Best seller -Kettle Citric Acid Descaling Cleaner✨

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Revitalize your appliances and ensure they operate at their best with our Kettle Citric Acid Descaling Cleaner. Formulated with food-grade citric acid, this powerful cleaner effectively removes stubborn limescale, mineral deposits, and buildup from various household appliances, including water dispensers, stainless steel kettles, electric water boilers, thermos cups, and more.


SUPERIOR DESCALING ACTION - Our Kettle Citric Acid Descaling Cleaner boasts a superior descaling action, penetrating deep into the inner workings of your appliances to dissolve and eliminate tough limescale and mineral deposits.

FOOD-GRADE CITRIC ACID - Crafted with food-grade citric acid as the main ingredient, our descaling cleaner offers a safe and eco-friendly solution for maintaining your household appliances.

EASY TO USE - Experience hassle-free cleaning with our Kettle Citric Acid Descaling Cleaner. Simply follow three easy steps to restore your appliances to their optimal condition.

VERSATILE APPLICATION - Whether you need to descale your stainless steel kettle, water warmer, egg steamer, or milk warmer, our versatile formula provides effective results across various surfaces and materials.


Dosage: ratio of descaler to water 1:20 (use about 1 cap of descaler per liter of water)

Step 1: Disconnect the power to use, warm or hot water soaking, soaking process, please do not heat.

Step 2: Add warm water into the container (need to submerge the scale), add appropriate amount of descaling agent.

Step 3: Soak for 5-10 minutes, then gently brush with a sponge.


Net Content: 300g

Shelf Life: 3 years

Main Ingredient: Food Grade Citric Acid

Scope of Application: water dispenser, stainless steel kettle, inner liner of water warmer, electric water boiler, thermos cup, egg steamer, milk warmer, electric iron, etc.


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