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🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Women's Floral Lace Headwrap

🎁Hot Sale 49% OFF⏳Women's Floral Lace Headwrap

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Enhance Your Hair Style with this Headwrap - Breathable and Refresh!

Our headwrap features a beautiful floral lace pattern that adds a feminine and romantic touch to your hairstyle while the mesh structure allows great breathability.


PEARL EMBELLISHMENTS: Elevate your look with this headband adorned with lustrous synthetic pearls, meticulously arranged for a classic and refined touch.

DELICATE LACE DETAILING: Enjoy an exquisite and feminine aesthetic with intricate lace details, infusing a soft and romantic charm into your style.

DURABLE & BREATHABLE: Experience comfort with soft, elastic, and breathable materials. This headband is both resilient and vibrant, ensuring a lasting and beautiful accessory.

ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Designed with nice elasticity, it effortlessly accommodates different head sizes, providing a snug fit without slipping or tightness.

VERSATILE USE: This headband is your go-to accessory for various occasions, from parties and weddings to casual outings. It can also serve as a stylish hair wrap during makeup sessions, showers, or house cleaning, keeping your hair clean and chic.


Material: Lace

Season: Spring/Summer

Color: Brown, Black,Blue, Gray, Pink


1 or 5 * Women's Floral Lace Headwrap


Colors may vary due to different monitors.

For manual measurements, please allow 1-2 cm for errors.

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