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Double Eyelid Defining Cream

Double Eyelid Defining Cream

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The effect of enlarging the eyes

Do you want to have a pair of big eyes? Are you tired of small eyes? Why not try our double eyelid defining cream that will make your eyes bigger and more beautiful.

Natural invisible

Moisturizing cream texture, transparent and colorless after drying, naturally invisible and traceless, strong bonding, invisible, strong adhesion, breathable, waterproof, sweatproof, can stay all day, easy to fix.

Safe and harmless

This product contains a variety of natural plant ingredients that do not irritate the skin around the eyes. The cream becomes transparent in a few minutes, which is invisible and elastic and can last a whole day.

Easy to use

With just a few simple steps, easy to get attractive eyelids. Firstly, use a cotton pad to clean the eyelids and remove eye oil. Then, rotate the bottom and export the cream body. Next, evenly apply the defining cream in a suitable position, and wait for a few seconds (about 5 seconds). Finally, use a Y-shaped stick to hold the eyeliner for 5-10 seconds. Open your eyes to set the cream.

Easy to remove

Soak the cotton pad in warm water, cover it on the eyelids for a few seconds, and gently wipe it off, which is gentle and not irritating.


Net content: 2g

Shelf life: 3 years

Suitable for skin types: all skin types

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