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🔥3-IN-1 High Protection Fast Car Coating Spray

🔥3-IN-1 High Protection Fast Car Coating Spray

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The easiest, fastest and most efficient way to clean, restore and polish cars with our 3 -IN-1 high protection fast car coating spray.

It gives you a waterless wash, ensures a clean appearance and leaves your car shining like before.

It is the best partner for cars and saves time and money.

√Remove dirt and grease easily
√Repairs scratches and forms a diamond-like protective layer
√Make your car new and shiny
√Keep the shine for months


Easy and quick washing without water
Simply spray it on your car paint, it removes dirt, grime, bird droppings, insects, mud, dust, grease and stubborn stains instantly on contact, saving you time and money. No more tedious car washing.

Diamond-like protection
Using advanced nanotechnology formulations, the surface of your car forms a protective layer that lasts for months and provides a long-lasting shine. Get rid of water spots, oxidation and many other contaminants that can damage car paint.

Advanced car coating repair agent
It can repair unwanted scratches and scuffs while restoring the shine of your car. And makes your car oil-proof, water-repellent and scratch-resistant.

Multiple uses
This long-lasting and extremely durable product is designed for vehicles and other hard surfaces that require excellent shine and protection. Safe for all surfaces on cars, boats, motorbikes, motorhomes, quad bikes, paint, plastic, glass and more.



Net content: 30ml/ 100ml
Product size: 10.8 x 2.8 cm/ 17 x 4 cm
Product weight: 41g/ 110g
Package includes: 1 x 3-IN-1 high protection fast car coating spray


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