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🔥Free Shipping🔥 Non-Stick Wok With Steamer Basket

🔥Free Shipping🔥 Non-Stick Wok With Steamer Basket

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NEW & OLD Styles Shipped Randomly
Suitable for stoves

🎁Dear customers:

    In our non-stick pan sales exceeded 🔥5000.. single time, we also received a lot of customer suggestions, in order to give back to new and old customers, we spent more than $ 800 research, production, upgrade a faster heating, cleaning easier, lighter weight stainless steel material of the non-stick cookware, limited to 2,000 single, random delivery ~!

New Style
✔  5A+ stainless steel pan bottom

✔  No coating & definitely PFAS free

✔  Faster heating

✔  Heat more evenly

✔  Easier to clean

✔  Lighter weight

  Add lid lock

  Easier to operate

If you would like to specify the purchase of a new style or an old style, please slide down and check the "YOU MAY ALSO LIKE" lists below, or go to the homepage.💕


Elevate your cooking experience to new heights with our Non-Stick Wok with Steamer Basket. This exceptional kitchen tool combines the time-honored tradition of pot cooking with innovative micro-pressure technology, giving you the power to create delicious, healthy meals like never before.

Key Features

Micro-Pressure Technology: Our wok features innovative micro-pressure technology that creates a sealed cooking environment.This advanced feature allows you to cook food faster and more evenly, retaining essential nutrients and flavors.Say goodbye to overcooked or unevenly cooked meals with this precision cooking method.

Multi-Purpose Steamer Basket: Included with the wok, the steamer basket allows you to prepare healthier steamed dishes effortlessly.Steam vegetables, dumplings, seafood, and more while locking in nutrients and natural flavors.This versatile accessory adds a new dimension to your cooking repertoire.

Polymerization Pot Bottom: Superconducting energy-gathering technology, long-term use;without convex bottom

Healthy Cooking, Less Oil: The non-stick interior means you can cook with minimal oil, promoting healthier eating without sacrificing flavor.

Easy to Clean and Maintain: Cleaning up after cooking is a breeze thanks to the non-stick surface. The wok is also dishwasher safe for added convenience.Designed for durability, this wok maintains its shape over extended use, ensuring consistent cooking performance.

Versatile Use:This wok is perfect for stir-frying, steaming, and stewing, offering a wide range of cooking possibilities in one convenient kitchen tool. Saving you money by reducing the need for multiple cookware items.


Material: stainless steels

Suitable for stoves: gas, induction, electric, etc.

Diameter: 32cm

Weight: 2.4Kg

Package Includes

1*Non-Stick Wok With Steamer Basket


1. Please allow 2-3cm error due to manual measurement. Please make sure you do not mind before purchasing.

2. Color may not appear as exactly as in real life due to variations between the computer monitors.

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